Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Beauty Products

Yup that's right, FREE beauty products. Who doesn't love that? Ok so depending on which one you want follow the link underneath and sign up for the membership to receive your free gift. I choose the summer brights and it was pretty good. The nail polish was a good quality and had good pigment. It also came with a cuticle treatment as well as this amazing lip gloss. Anyways, all you need to do is cancel before the 25th of the month (email '' or call 877-651-3292) and they will cancel your membership with no drama or big process and you get to keep the products completely free. Just make sure you choose which one you want now before you click on the link because if you follow the summer brights link and then decide you want the summer nights one instead it won't let you change it at the check out. 

Summer Brights Box 

Summer Brights

Limited Edition Nautical by Nature Welcome Box 

Nautical by Nature

Summer Nights Welcome Box 


I left the rest of my products I received at home but here is one of the polishes and the lip gloss.

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