Thursday, July 3, 2014

M.A.C. Memorial Service Today at 11:00 am

So here we are unpacking away...unpacking...unpacking...oh look how good we're doing...ooppp almost done...only a few boxes left...wooo house looks sleeping when all of a sudden.... my make up?? When we left CA I packed a little zip lock bag of essentials as I knew living quarters would be tight but I packed away in a moving box a plastic storage bin 3 tiers deep packed full of years of make up. I know what you're saying...relax it's just make no!

Easily 20 different colors of lipliners and eyeliners, three times as many eyeshadows all MAC or NARS with a few other amazing brands,. You may ask who needs 65 eyeshadows? This girl! Ok yes I won't use purple every day but from time to time I like to have that option. and blue eyeshadow? It's not just blue there's teal, aqua, sky blue, indigo and really on any given day I might just need all of those options.

It was also filled with other things like highlighters, primers, tweezers, eyelash glue, eyelashes, 30,000 lip glosses and random things I only use every now and then like glitters...all of it packed away in a box to be later retrieved.

How? What? Where? First I was in denial. Surely it was around the Well then it must be in the attic in one of the "Christmas" So we have now gone through every room, every box and it's no where to be found. Just gone. How is this possible? We had a walk through of the house after the move and there was nothing left in there. Our storage unit is empty, cleared out completely, the house is completely unpacked. How did we lose this box? I can't even put a dollar amount on the items in here. I should have had it insured. Who insures make up?
and to top it off not only was all my make up in here but ma weave was too! Hey there goes $150 I'll never get back.

So I've gone through all the stages of grieving and now I'm ready to hold the memorial and then hopefully move onto acceptance and the ability to start slowly building up again.

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