Thursday, July 3, 2014

28 Day Meal Plan Challenge - Part 2 - Who am I kidding?

Well that was a good waste of time. I'm already over it and I'm only on like day 5. First I forgot a zillion ingredients so I really haven't been able to stick to the meal plan like I had imagined. Second, my husbands face every time I mention what is for dinner and even while I'm cooking it looks like this...
As you can imagine that's super encouraging. Yet still I carried on like it was my job to get this family eating right. For breakfast I did scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, tomatoes and spinach and put them into pitas. One piece of advice don't make these ahead they get all creepy soggy like wet slick pita it's nasty. I also tried whole grain waffles with strawberries and I made little parfaits with yogurt, go lean crunch, almonds and fruit.

(Post butter/pre-strawberries)

One night for dinner I was making the roasted asparagus chicken with penne thing and my husband kept asking where's the sauce? You're not going to use a sauce? But what's going on the pasta? Why are you making that pasta with no sauce? But like what are you going to put on it? were going to eat it dry?? Dude get out of my kitchen! Basically I cooked asparagus in a pan with olive oil and threw in some frozen garlic (love this product) then cooked the pasta and tossed it in some butter, salt & pepper then in a baking dish combined the pasta, asparagus and grilled chicken (cut up into pieces) and threw on some cheese and broiled it for a few and viola!!! It was AMAZING!! Even stinky face had multiple helpings and said how good it was. He admitted when I was making it he thought it sounded gross. Great, thanks honey. BTW, the baby yells "Honey"!!! all the time now mimicking me. Its too cute. ok so other than that this week we did grilled chicken with rice and salad with strawberries and balsamic dressing, we did pork chops and rice and veggies, turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. Today in the crockpot I threw in frozen chicken a can of corn, crushed tomatoes, black beans and a packet of taco seasoning. Going to serve it over rice and add some lettuce and tomatoes and call it a taco bowl.

For dessert I did the creamsicle cake. One box cake mix (I chose yellow), can of orange crush and whipped topping for the frosting. This was much better on day 2 after it had time to refrigerate. It's not amazing but it does the trick for craving your sweet tooth while not getting super fatty.
I know...I should take pix of food for a living. This really is such a beautiful shot.

Anywho that's where I'm at in this journey of mine. At least I tried.

More updates cause I know you care...

Trying infused waters. We've done lemon/cucumber and this one is raspberry/lime. Pretty flavorful. I don't miss soda at all said no one ever. I just try to pretend I'm at the spa or something.

Ok so for the meals this week yesterday I threw diced potatoes in the crockpot with frozen chicken breast and frozen turkey cajun sausage links with 2 cups chicken broth and set on low all day. It was surprisingly delicious. The real winner however was this taco/burrito-esque bowl. I put the following into the crockpot:
2 frozen chicken breasts
can of corn
can of black beans
can of crushed or maybe it was diced tomatoes
Packet of taco seasoning
Then when I got home I quickly made instant rice and put that in a bowl and spooned this mixture on top and then topped it off with chopped up lettuce, avocado and lowfat sour cream. It was amazing!!! Rave reviews!

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