Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Demon Kitties

I think I have a touch of A.D.D. The other day I was looking at my Facebook news feed when I came across a picture of kitties which then lead me to a picture of Bengal kitties....

Welllll obviously by this point I decided I needed one so I googled local breeders. Apparently these little loves go for around $2,800!!! They are cute and all but really... $2,800??
So I thought I bet there's someone selling some on Craigslist for cheaper and boy were they ever. They still want $400 for a cat but that's way better than a couple grand. Anyways I found a litter that had both the rosetted bengal kittens as well as a  rosetted snow. I thought ohhh that sounds fancy...Maybe it looks like a white tiger....ORRRRR MAYBE IT LOOKS LIKE A DEMON KITTY. 

How scary are their eyes?? Can you imagine paying $400 for this cat to be watching you sleep every night? No thank you. 

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