Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Embarrassingly Awesome

Woooooaaahhh hold the phone this is embarrassing and heck no would I like to share this on Facebook with my friends...and in-laws...jez what are they trying to get me fired?? and only 66% huh? I mean I didn't think he'd score 100 but I would have guessed more around 85 or so....

Well...it's only fair I try to turn the tables and answer the questions for the wife test on my husbands behalf. I tried to answer them truthfully and that's the last time that will happen...really??? 49%???

I don't think I'm perfect but wow, apparently we have two choices either step up our husband/wife game or just sweep this under the rug and vow to stop playing stupid Facebook quizzes. I'm sure you can guess which way we will be voting in this election.

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