Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Died? Where the Fuck was Costner?

Dude this bitch was a crack addict despite what she lied to Diane Sawyer about. Crack is wack? Dying in a bathtub hours before the pregrammy party is wack you attention whore! She was america's sweetheart um about the same time Madonna was "like a virgin" knock it off with all this shocked business. She was a train wreck. She had a kid, money, whatever the fuck she wanted and she pissed it away cause she couldn't regulate herself.

All that dirty glass dick sucking she did was more important than her daughter so go on with all your whitney posts and RIP bullshit, glorify her and talk about what a tragedy it is then go delete yourself from my life cause this bitch not only made her grave, she fucking embroidered her sheets.

and uh as always....Bobby Brown is tha shit....He obviously know how to handle his crack....



  2. Im crying with laughter. Holy shit that was funny

  3. Love it! You know many people feel the same way but don't have the balls to say it