Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Person in Your Life

For the person you love from afar:
Wine (and perhaps one of those ‘Hi, My Name is’ cards)

For your Tumblr Crush:

For the friend you’ve loved in silence far too long:

For your sexy coworker:
Wine (and perhaps a copy of your HR handbook)

For the person with whom you made a bad first impression:

For the person you met recently and you don’t really know where you want this to go:

For your first date:
Wine (times two)

For your break-up:
Wine (times three)

For the person you really like but don’t know how to express that affection:
Wine (and maybe some tequila? Your choice)

For the person with whom you want to spice things up:
Porn. I kid! I kid! Wine, obviously.

For the person who likes you more than you like them:

For the person you with whom you want to break up, but don’t want to do it the day before Valentine’s Day:

For “the one that got away”:
Nothing. Nothing at all. Turn around and walk away.

For your ex:
Seriously, nothing. Instead get yourself something. I like to call it a tall glass of dignity.

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