Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Girl Why You Trippin

Ok so I've never been one to not outwardly laugh and make fun of my friends although I normally don't put them on blast in my blog but today's story is so amazing that I must share.

My girlfriend is having some man problems so she came out on Saturday to a neighborhood tavern. She drank a fair amount and went from crying to laughing to fighting to making out just basically all around hot mess so we get her back to my place and set her up with a real nice couch set up. Puke bucket and all.

So about 3:30am she calls....its never good when someone in your house is calling you on the phone....apparently she woke up and decided she must go home right then and there so she left my house....with no shoes on...

fell down the cement stairs....I live on the 3rd floor...and proceeded to try to get in a car to drive. Now I'm no DUI expert but if you leave a house without the common sense to put your shoes on then I'm guessing you probably don't have the common sense to stop at red lights either so you probably shouldn't drive anywhere....let alone all the way to Long Beach. Anyways to wrap this story up for you...someone now has one broken leg and an opposite broken foot so here's the irony....in her race to get home she now is permanently stuck at home and can't drive or go to work.

You know what I blame for all of this? Not following the Patron recipe verbatim. Its Patron shot immediately followed by Tabasco soaked lemon. The Tabasco is key. I can't stress this enough people. I don't know the math but it is an important algebraic equation that can't be tampered with. Don't go trying to cut out steps and just go lemon. Learn from her mistakes kimosabe.

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