Monday, February 6, 2012

Easter Awesomeness

Ok so I know usually I try to be funny in my blogging but I saw these Easter ideas and had to share them anyways...

My favorite Easter dessert:
9 hostess twinkies
3 1/2 ozs instant vanilla pudding
3-4 bananas
8 ozs pineapple (crushed)
8 ozs cool whip
3 cups milk
Cut Twinkies in half lengthwise.
2 Arrange in a 9x13-inch pan.
3 Mix pudding with milk and pour over Twinkies.
4 Slice bananas lengthwise and place over pudding.
5 Drain pineapple and place over bananas.
6 Cover with (thawed) Cool Whip.
7 Sprinkle chopped pecans over topping.
8 Enjoy!

and this bed has nothing to do with Easter but it looked super spring time awesome so you get that too.

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