Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why Can I Buy Crazy?

So…..not to make all of us single people feel like aholes but did you hear Gary Busey had a baby??? Come on! This girl not only smooshed Gary Busey but she breed with him as well??? Let’s just throw his homeless crack fiend looks aside and take a look at his mental clarity….well all saw his psychotic meltdown on Celebrity Fit Club….This man is not qualified to be out in public let alone around an infant. Yet he can find a lover and have babies?Where can I buy crazy??

IRISH I WAS NOT SMELLING CABBAGE RIGHT NOW. So I’m gonna throw this out there as a public safety warning for all those who either are or wanna try to be Irish on St. Patty’s Day with a nice corned beef and cabbage meal. Omit the cabbage. I’m not kidding. I got this new cookbook and was trying to make soup and when I went into the store they had this huge container of precut veggies and I thought why not just get that…so easy! I threw it in the Crockpot and bailed…for hours….and came back making the gruesome discovery that amongst those other tender veggies was a huge cabbage and now my house smells like your dad’s bathroom on a Sunday morning!!! Dude so gross. I can’t even imagine putting that in my mouth if this is how bad it smells before it goes in you.

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