Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gnat Funny

My boss likes to have fruit in the office but with these temperatures it breeds gnats and they are freaking me out. One time back in like middle school maybe? Maybe elementary, my mom would pack us nasty (bless her heart) lunches. Like borderline perishable fruit, a juice she would freeze to make cold but when it melted it would make my brown paper bag rip then my mushy fruit would seep out into my backpack and we couldn’t afford ziplocks so we had the fold over bag and my crushed up lays (from again my heavy ass frozen drink) would spill all out and it was a hot mess so I just decided to not eat my lunches and chuck them under my bed. Well I forgot about that and at that age didn’t really think through the logistics of it until one Halloween when my parents couldn’t take the gnats anymore and decided to track down the source….right to my room. I was out trick or treating they came and swooped my ass up for a nice little parental beat down. I'm pretty sure a vein actually came out of my dad's forehead. Never did that shit again. Took my lunches to school to throw them away from that point on.

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