Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day in the Life of My Camera Phone

Awww how precious this little muffin man is. I see him every morning on my way to work just having his master take him on a walk all the while wondering to himself who’s the bitch now???

Maybe this guy was tired of the gang wars and was just trying to bring peace to the LA neighborhoods.

You’all know how much I hate B of A however, even I can’t get mad when I have a pirate standing outside the door serenading me. This guy woke up and thought you know what I should do today? Slap on the eye patch and grab my guitar and head to the bank. The next time I am “bored” I need to step outside of the box like this guy. I doubt he is ever “bored”.

Sweet so now I don’t need coffee I can just put on energizing pantyhose?? Only problem is this product failed. All day long I waited and waited….energize me you nylon Nazi’s but nooo, they did nothing for me. I’m wondering if it’s worth the $3 to take them back to Target and explain my disappointment of my legs that were neither invigorated or refreshed!

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