Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vagina Facials

So we bedazzle shirts and phones so why not vaginas?? It’s not quite the razor dagger edge of a diamond but it’s not entirely not like that either and yes girls are actually jumping on this bandwagon. I get irritated with a lil stubble imagine rubbing against faux diamonds in the shape of a heart or your initials. Next they will be bedazzling assholes. Actually fuck that I just started that business right now so if anyone wants to be my first customer holla atcha girl.

On the same note they are now offering vagina facials at some waxing salons both to “prep” your vag for scalding hot wax ripping your pubs out and then to soothe the aftermath. I’m actually very curious as to what’s involved because a normal facial has washing, steaming, massaging, exfoliating, masks, toners, extractions, moisturizers, etc…if someone spends that much time on my who ha, it’s a guaranteed happy ending. HA! Finally, girls get their turn.

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