Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Types of Boobs

From Miss. PaRANThood:

There are two types of Boobs* known to man.

1. The Regular Boob. It's the one he knows and loves. It's comforting, soft and can be sexy if dressed up but can also easily be a signifier of all things wife and mommy. Think Golden Retriever.

2. The Period Boob. Whereas the 'Regular Boob' is golden retriever, the "Period Boob" is like a motherfucking Bengal Tiger. It's beautiful, it's big, it's full and exotic, tempting and unpredictable, and to men, it's worth possibly losing a goddamn hand just to savior a little touch.

Rarrr motherfuckers.

*I speak of the non-enhanced breed here.

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