Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beatdown Coming 2 a Geek Squad Near U

I went to Best Buy to see the Geek Squad so they could fix my laptop that "may have been dropped sometime during the now infamous sunday funday adventure". So after he's done fixing it the guy had the nerve to literally yell at me for apparently single handedly ruining the music industry by having limewire and frostwire on my computer. In his loudest big boy voice he was all "who do you think is gonna pay for the musicians guitar strings when your stealing from them??" ohhh heeeeeeellll no!....u know I got all ghetto on him....Muthaf**** u better watch ur effin tone when ur talking me...I think he thought I was gonna crawl over the counter.rawr!

Flash forward 10 minutes later I was wandering around the cd section and another guy comes up and asks what I'm looking for. I said I don't know I just felt like I should come buy a cd after the tongue lashing from the Geek Squad but every cd I thought about buying I realized I already downloaded that shit for free fuckers!

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