Wednesday, December 8, 2010

iPhone4 Imma Put U on Blast...Again

Today I had to go to the social security office to get a new card since I lost mine. So if you’ve never been, it’s similar to the DMV if you were to add on more disabled people and more hours you have to spend there. Anyways to kill time I whip out my iphone. So these two people next to me ask how I like it. I told them it was a piece of shit phone and I hate it. They said wow you’re the only person who’s ever had anything bad to say about it. I told them that’s because I think people who buy them feel so dumb for being sheep and running out and spending $400 on their phone only to have it not work so they just lie and say it’s great. So they ask what I don’t like and suggest maybe the problem is perhaps me, the user, or a manufacturer defect and I said no cause I have had two and they both have the same problems. So the cocky asshole goes well you probably haven’t ever shut it down the whole time you’ve had it and you have to do that every once in awhile to clear it out. So I inform him that I fly often and have to shut it down annnnd if you wanna get technical I’ve only had that specific phone for what 2.5 weeks? Then he goes well I see that you have a case on it, that’s good and you have the right screen protector but I can tell you totally put this on yourself….really mutherfucker because I got it at the Apple store and an Apple employee put it on for me. He was all “oh”. So we start talking about that funny YouTube video about the iphone 4 and he suggests another video even funnier so I hand him my phone so he can pull it up on YouTube. Guess who has no service? At all. The girl points to a sign on the wall that says "Please silence your cellphones" and goes maybe it's because of that. Um hey smartcakes it says silence your phone not were going to run some crazy ass software to disable your phone. She asked if I had problems with it in other places. I told her that I did infact have service in the bahamas yet I don't have service here where I LIVE! How do you get service to an island thats 7 miles wide but you can't get it to Denver? So the guy is still in every position trying to get some service. He tried walking around, going outside the door and back…nothing. So he came back and handed me my phone and said sorry.Guess who works for the corporate office at AT&T? hahahahaha They felt so dumb once they realized I wasn’t lying or being dramatic about my phone. They kept apologizing for their shitty phone. Hilarious!!

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