Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WTF is Wrong with People??

In another episode of “What the Fuck is Wrong with People” we take a look at this girl who was eating at the table next to me at the Cheesecake Factory this weekend. She was eating pizza and when she would get to the crust she would just chuck it on the ground. Yes, if she was 3 years old I might understand but unless she has some crazy ass growth disease she is WAY too old to be doing that. The very best part is her mom didn’t even skip a beat in her conversation, completely ignoring her actions. Like our table was a pond and we were ducks, grateful to have carbs thrown at us. AND, incase you're wondering she did not appear to be a RA-tard either. WTF??

And while were on the subject of WTF….how come LA has such classy jewelry?

And speaking of shitty jewelry, who the fuck buys this bullshit from Sears & JC Pennys? Why do department stores always have the tackiest settings? I picture some overweight cackling hag from Oklahoma flaunting one of these….ha…that or Jessica Simpson. Sorry girl but YO RING IS FUGLY.

And then there is this…how can you have the word junior even on this sign? It’s like skinny jeans that come in size 14! Just cause you put the word skinny on your ass doesn’t make it true.

This is a camera you strap onto your pet so that you can see the world as your pet see's it. Who (unless your high as a damn kite) is watching pets shit and sleep all day?

Oh and I had to throw myself on the WTF list today. I was dressed in all black but couldn’t find my black gloves so I had to take the white ones and just use my Mickey Mouse voice all day! OH Boy!

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