Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Recipe For Happiness

Know what this is?

According to me in 1982 it was the “Recipe for Happiness?” I’m gonna take it old skool and give it a try for today and see how it pans out for me.
(Are you saying Pan or Pam? Heylo Miss Lady, I think I can help with this "pan-pam" dilemma were having here.)

On a side note in 1982, with the world at my hands my "dreams" were to have $300 for Firecrackers and to be able to grow up and be a nurse, not to help people but to be able to wear the costume. I'm pretty sure anyone who knows me now is well aware of how I made this dream come true.

Oh and completely unrelated but I decided if I were ever to become a stoner I would just work at Target so that I could look forward to coming to work each day trying to discover something amazing that I never knew existed like these equisite finds that Ralphs and Vons must just not know about.

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me with that amazing penmanship? You inspire me PPS.