Friday, August 24, 2012

No Homo

yea there's nothing weird at all about (1) a 
"boys night in"  where you and your boys (2) blow up an inflatable penis then (3) have a duel with your "pork swords" and furthermore, (4) I need to purchase this to have on hand for those nights my friends get wasted and this will seem like an awesome idea and I can sit back and video tape it all for blackmail purposes. 

Product Description
Want to challenge your mate to a duel? Then reach for these Inflatable Willies. Now these give a whole new dimension to the phrase of “pork sword”.
These inflatable willies are ideal for boys nights in, stag dos and anywhere there is more testosterone than sense flying around. Simply blow it up, strap it around your waist and away you go. Rules of the game? There are no rules except that bragging about the size of one’s manhood is not permitted. After all, both Willies are the same size so both opponents are on even footing.
Willy Wars will finally decide who is Alpha Male! It’s Cock Fighting at its literal, base meaning! Incidentally no poultry was harmed in the making of this product!
  • Pack contains two inflatable giant Willies with velcro fastening
  • Ideal for boys nights in - sorts out who really is Alpha Male
  • Simply blow up strap on around the waist and get fighting
  • A great gift for the Groom on his Stag night
  • Very rude and very funny

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