Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In case You Wanted to Know

So last night we were at a restaurant and the menu had no dessert but there was a huge sign that said they had Rice Pudding so we asked the cashier if they had any other desserts. She replied that they also had Tapioca but that was it. I felt like I was getting punked. Aren't they the same thing? seriously think about it, there's really no difference. AND furthermore if you were a restaurant and you decided you were only going to carry TWO dessert options why oh why would you pick two that are nearly identical?? like "oh no I hate rice pudding, order me the Tapioca instead???" 

Anyways, being that google knows all they showed me the huge difference between the two.

Rice is a grain and made into pudding with milk, sugar, and vanilla. Sometimes raisins are put into it while it is cooking.

Tapioca is made from a starch of the bitter-cassava plant. It is in small "balls" and is chewy when cooked. Pudding made from tapioca has milk, sugar, vanilla, and the addition of egg. Sometimes the whites are beaten and folded in at the end to give it a fluffy texture.

and....after all that I have no clue. You could give me either and tell me it was whichever one and I'd believe you.

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