Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm not sure when the jean short memo went out but for the last few months everywhere I go the dress code seems to be a uniform of super short jean shorts and either a flannel or super long tank top. This look goes from the beach to the grocery store to concerts to shopping to bars and clubs. Ladies and people with daughters I'm here to let you know one very important thing. JEAN SHORTS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. Just because your friend wears it and it looks cute doesn't mean it will look the same on you. Before considering this outfit ask yourself a few questions.

#1 Would most people consider the build of my thighs to be thin or athletic? If yes, proceed. If no, give the jean shorts away.

#2 When I pair these shorts with a top, are my jean shorts still visible? Don't be hard on yourself it's just a simple yes or no question. Sometimes these tank tops are too long and make it look like that's all you're wearing and sometimes...your ass just eats up your shorts. Either way if either of these are a possibility, skip wearing this look.

 This girl is kinda pushing it.

I realize it's a fine line to walk but I'm just trying to help cause otherwise you'll be walking around thinking you look all kinds of cute, meanwhile, everyone around you see's you like this.

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