Thursday, March 1, 2012

12 Steps to a Perfect Bday Card. or Not

So I was out on my lunch the other day looking for a bday card for my son so I drive past this store and it says CARDS, GIFTS BALLOONS!!! and I says to myself "yatzee"! That's exactly the store I need so I go in. I walk in and BAM!! but whatever I embrace the vibe. So I start browsing the first card rack and they are all so darn motivational like every one is like take it day by day, you can do it, tomorrow will be awesome so whatthefuckever, then I spot the rack with cards with #'s on them and I think that's perfect. Now I see 1, I see 6 but no 16 so I think maybe get the 1 and write in the 6 so I open the card and it says happy one month and I laugh and think who the fuck would get a one month old a card? Rediculous right? so then I open the 6 one...same shit and it begins to dawn on me so I walk...backwards taking baby steps not unlike shuffling out the door as soon as I reach the exit I strain my neck back to re-read the store sign....still the same...only I now spot another sign which reads 12 step recovery store. Walked back in and asked if they had anything for to celebrate a half hour? hmm? no? mmm ok thanks, bye.

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