Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Not To Talk To A Girl

This is a message from a guy friend...just a friend but after reading it I still can't help but imagine this is how he would talk to any girl, particularly one he might wish to receive a text from. The only word I was able to get out of my mouth after reading this for several minutes was..."No."

*does the napolian dynomite* yesssssssssssssss
k im off here for now purdy biatch text my cell fukass lol"

I'm not even gonna get started on the "fuckass" part. 2 things come to mind when I read that word.

#1 No thank you, I would not like my ass fucked.

#2 The part in Mallrats where they are with the fortune teller...

All right, gentlemen. Free your mind.

I'd like to free something.


That's what I was thinking.

She said ''focus''.


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