Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Kids Are Doing Olive Oil

Ok so we have had a huge problem with rats/mice all of a sudden out on our deck which of course being the girly girl that I am has me all in a panic. I moved all of our stuff from our storage closets to a storage facility. We had to throw away probably 5-6 boxes of belongings as well as suitcases and other random things because they had pooped all over it and apparently if the particles are breathed in it can be toxic. We had the Vector come out and they basically said because we had small dogs they couldn't leave the big traps so the best thing to do was just clear everything out and with no good hiding spots they would find somewhere else to live.

So I did all that and blasted our back door with notes forbidding anyone from opening the door so they couldn't get in the house but it still wasn't enough. I would sit there staring outside waiting to see one and sure enough they were still there so I decided to go buy some rat traps. Target is not exactly the pest exterminating depo so they only thing that said rat on it was the big sticky traps you lay out so I got a few.

The very first day BAM! I caught one. I could see it still struggling out there and yes it was sad but what do you want me to do? They are diseased animals its not like I can catch it and have a rat releasing party. So I decided to leave it there and come back and deal with it later. So I come home at lunch and the back door is wide open (oh somebody is in deep trouble for ignoring my sticky note commands), the rat trap & rat is gone which Im assuming my son took out and as I'm turning to go back in I see a big bottle of olive oil. Now while olive oil in itself is not that odd, a brand new bottle of it sitting outside is. Plus I wasn't even sure if it was ours. I remember looking at it at the store but thinking do I really need to spend $10 on Olive oil right now so I couldn't say for sure if it came from our house? Perhaps there is an olive oil fairy? So I ask my son for answers. He owned up to taking the rat to the trash and possibly forgetting to shut the door but claimed the olive oil wasn't his, he hadn't seen it earlier and knew nothing of it. I start to get a little weirded out like who the heck just drops off some olive oil and with the door being open did someone come in the house? is  anything gone? I'm aware that I'm retarded and go into panic mode way to quickly but still....is this not weird?

The next morning bam bam again I caught 2 more with my traps. Again when I got home my son had disposed of them. So weeks go by and I catch no more. I have seen a few zip past the back door a few times but they must be on to the traps cause they aren't working anymore, and yet that olive oil is still out there. No one wanted to touch it and we darn sure weren't going to use it. So last night I'm sitting there watching TV and I can see the bottle out of the corner of my eye mocking me and I realize some is gone so I'm like what the heck is going on like someone is not just coming into my backyard to use a little olive oil that they stored there.

Then I started thinking it's got to be my son and I'm wondering what the heck he can possibly be doing with the olive oil outside? Is it some kind of drug thing cause I mean the kids these days have resorted to snorting the bath salts so maybe there is something they do with the olive oil. THE KIDS ARE DOING OLIVE OIL!!! So I get my son and sit him down and demand some answers. I'm like I need closure for the olive oil I need to know whats going on!! I won't be mad I just need to know. There I am waiting to find out if there's some way to get drunk off olive oil or how putting olive oil in the bong water makes it stronger or even that he's out back deep conditioning his locks or something but no....he takes a deep breath and tells me that he's been using it on the traps so the mice wont stick to it cause he said he feels bad when they are out there squirming and dying. Oh I wish you could have seen my face. I wasn't prepared for that answer although I should have expected it from my son, always the sensitive Pisces soul he is. I was a little bit in shock. That was certainly not the answer I expected but its definitely better than thinking he is out there pounding olive oil. I just have to laugh a bit at myself when I think that there I was at the store buying both the poison and the antidote all in the same trip. So now were back to square one.

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