Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cop Killing Justice

I wish the people who are so outraged at the shooting of Manuel Angel Diaz that they feel the need to have 4 day protests, riot and seek legal action were this passionate about doing the same to fight any of the illegal activity this known gang member was guilty of. He's been convicted of weapons, drugs, gang violence, street terrorism and stealing but hey he's an innocent guy.....shut up!!! While I don't agree with needlessly shooting people I also don't know what these people expect to happen when they run from the police.  If you are not guilty, do not run, it's pretty basic. Let's say when this criminal ran, the police said ok well he ran so we'll just try to catch up with him later and then he goes on to hurt or kill someone else. You know damn well that  everyone would freak out and say the police had a chance to stop him but they didn't. While that is a hypothetical situation here a an actual one and you tell me what you think the officer should have done? I don't see how anyone can look at that situation and think its so unjust that they must go out and riot??

The day after Diaz was killed, a gang investigator patrolling a nearby neighborhood saw a stolen vehicle and tried to pull it over, according to the police association. The driver instead led officers on a short pursuit and crashed; three people got out and ran.
One of them, Acevedo, turned during the chase and fired a handgun at an officer, the police association said. The officer returned fire, killing him. A handgun was recovered next to his body.

Were any of these people who were killed by police actually innocent decent citizens minding their own business? No. I hate when people who are involved in a shit ton of bad things end up getting caught up and then the families try to capitalize on it like they are an innocent victim. Their lifestyle lead them to their grave. The worst part is it wouldn't have mattered if this guy had a grenade in his hand, the city is already under scrutiny and they will end up settling this case to please the general public. How's that for justice? oh and rioting and breaking into stores al la Rodney King does nothing but punish innocent store owners and does NOTHING to fight your "cause". Keep riding that bandwagon.

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