Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Batman Would Never Pull That Shit

The Aurora, CO shootings hit hard for our family so when I saw this on a friends FB I had to re-post it on my blog. Thanks A for being my impromptu guest blogger today.

Ok, so I've been glued to CNN for 24 hours. I wish the cops would've killed that guy! But, this is not about that... it is, but it's not. It's about that young couple with the 2 kids. The news was had a segment about how they narrowly escaped death... but, the underlaying story was what it really should've been about. This dude is on the news, he admits that he not only left his girlfriend & her 4 year old daughter in the theater... but he also dropped his 3-4 month old baby on the ground (who was asleep on his lap) & boned out of the building. Then he had enough sence to get into his car, put his keys into the ignition & DRIVE THE FUCK HOME! Seriously??? His girlfriend saved herself & her 2 children... all the while having a bullet lodged in her leg. She finally makes it outside, borrows someone elses phone to call her douchebag of a boyfriend... who then drives back to the theater to get them & take her & her children to the hospital. OH MY FUCKING GAWWWWD! Ohhhh, then he's like... oh shit, she's pissed that I'm a pussy... bright idea... I'll ask her to marry me, because that shit's romantic & chicks can't be angry around romance. 


But, then again... she's not all that smart either. She took a brand new baby to a packed midnight showing.

I'll tell you what's romantic... a guy saving you & your children from a mass murderer. NOT a sissy who runs all the way home without one thought of anyone except himself. Hell, he didn't even call the cops or offer anyone else a ride. HE JUST RAN... like Forest fucking Gump!

Hopefully, that was the most traumatic thing that will ever happen to that lady & her kids (& her boyfriend, too). With that said, she now knows that if a burglar ever breaks into her house, her boyfriend will probably throw her, along with her children at Mr. Burglar & run away. If her car gets a flat tire in the middle lane of the freeway... she now knows that he will probably be too scared to get out of the car & she'll have to change her own damn tire. Really, what's the point... if you can't count on a man to be a man & do hot, sexy hero-like man stuff... why keep him around?! I would've pulled that bullet out of my leg & shoved it right up his ass.

I know, unless you're in that situation you really don't know what you would do. But, Jesus Christ... Batman would never leave the women & children behind.

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