Friday, July 13, 2012

3 Kinds of Fake Homeless I Hate

I know I usually try to reserve this blog for funny stuff but this family drives me so crazy that I have to blog about it. I don't know what happened but Aliso Viejo has apparently become a mecca for people standing at corners with the fancy signs begging for money. I have a HUGE dislike for these people. Passing by them does not make me sad, it doesn't make me want to help out what it does is take all of my self control to not get out and unload my opinion on them.

First we have this fat, clean, decently dressed blonde lady who's sign claims she's a single mom and needs help. For at least 8 months now I've seen her and I have no clue where her kids are but she puts in some hours each day. If she is actually a single mom and if she is able to find someone to watch her kid each day then WHY not go get a real job instead of standing on the corner begging?????????

Now onto the next one that kills me, the guy with the dog. You have your dog sitting on a street corner, no water, no food, no shade. I get it, if I was homeless I'd probably want a dog too so I could have a buddy and someone to keep me safe but if you cannot give a dog the bare necessities then it's cruel and selfish for you to keep it. Every time I see this guy I won't give him shit but I always have something for the dog. It's all I can do to not throw a can of dog food at this guys head and tell the dog to get in my car.

And onto my most hated one of all: The whole family. These people enrage me. There always out here on weekends and late at night with their whole entire family. Again, if you have the means to have someone watch your children so you can go make some money, why would you chose not to and instead make them sit on the a corner and beg with you you selfish fucks!! The mom sits on her ass in a chair and the dad holds the sign and the kids just sit around. As a parent I have no idea how you can put your children through this, why you would allow this to be part of their childhood. I understand that people fall on hard times, I get it, I've been there. I also know its not always possible to shield your children from these times but you sure as fuck can take some measures to not make them a part of it. I'm sure these pathetic parents use their kids as a sympathy card which disgusts me to no end. The only thing that prevents me from calling child services on them is the worry that being separated from their parents and possibly their siblings would be more traumatic for the kids then what they are going through right now.

Oh yes and my favorite part of all three of these examples is.....THEY ALL HAVE CELL PHONES!!

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