Monday, January 23, 2012

Hips Don't Lie

I'm the kind of asshole random stuff just happens to. Last night I'm cooking us a classy late night meal of cheeseburger hamburger helper. Well I don't know if I was really hungry or just didn't realize how strong I am because I stirred with such zest that pasta flew out of the pan and landed right on my hip bone. It hurt so bad!!! Why the fuck was I sagging my pajamas??? So whatever I had this red mark cause it's was obviously hot but who cares get over it right?

So there I am fast asleep last night when I rolled over to my side and felt an intense pain in my hip and well as Shakira told us "Hips don't lie". So I finally had to get up and look. I literally managed to give myself a full on some kind of degree burn from aggressive stirring and pasta. Who the fuck does that?

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