Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forever Shitty Advice

#1 When did Forever 21 turn into Lane Bryant?
#2 When did it become acceptable to suggest horizontal stripes to a fat girl?

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  1. omg! seriously! i'm so tired of ppl saying that fat girls r what "real" women look like and that being skinny is "impossible"... um... i see skinny bitches all the time, and weather it's from working out, eating right, fast metabolism, drugs or eating disorders, that shit is fuckin real and possible. if you don't eat only what you need and how much u need and workout then u can't say that u've tried everything. and i refuse to believe that fat is healthy. it's not. even ppl who work out regularly will get told that they need to lose a few to be in the healthy bracket.

    ps... i hope fat girls don't realy start wearing these fuckin stripes