Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keep your Emotions Away From My Vagina

and yet another amazing blog I have found that I had to share...http://the-momfia.blogspot.com

The best part about FWB(friends with benefits) is that it is all benefit and not much friend, which is fine by me because the last thing I need is having to pretend to give a damn about someone else's problems. In the beginning its a big race to not only orgasm and get the fuck out, but prove who isn't going to be the one to get emotionally attached. Among orgasm's and late night hookups is an underlying competition: who's going to want more than just sex first?

Our culture typically depicts women as the emotional, needy, "I want more than just sex" types. While that's very often a valid case, it isn't always the situation. Men like to play aloof, but very often they find themselves caring about their FWD beyond a quick fuck. Feelings are complicated little bastards, unfortunately. What begins with calling your FWB over for an easy way to bang out your emotions with your personal life, ends with cuddling and someone staying over all night. Once breakfast starts getting made, someone starts sharing details, and before you know it you've found yourself in the worst hell possible; a label-less relationship.

The idea of FWB is an awesome one, endless blowjobs to the first guy who talked his best female friend into fucking without commitment. He's an innovator to relationships and fucking around the world(I say we dedicate Steak & a Blowjob day to him). However we have to be willing to improve upon his original idea(if we hadn't improved upon the phone we'd still not have sexting, NO THANKS Mr. G-Bell) of friends being perfect fucks and expand. We now have reach to the internet, which means MILLIONS of anonymous horny people we don't have to pretend to even be friends with(let alone give a shit about)!

Problems come up when even if an emotional attachment is SOMEHOW magically unavoidable by all parties, when do things stop? What if one person starts seriously dating someone else, but the other hasn't? Then it's no longer "Friends with Benefits" and just becomes "I used to sleep with my friend Corey who still sexts me when he's drunk and my new boyfriend isn't really fucking happy about that". That's the problem with Friends with Benefits, when the benefits stop, what happens to the friends? Someone is always the "left over party" or the "one who got attached". It's nearly impossible to recover a friendship once you've been on top of someone, then every time there after you so much as attempt at hanging out without letting it all hang out you end up with enough sexual frustration to rival my mother.

Sex is fun. Sex [can be] good. Sex with a friend rarely works beyond three months and ends a friendship that may have lasted years. My advice? Fuck perfect strangers, don't ask questions, and don't talk about your problems. Need someone to talk to? Call your fucking friends who aren't responsible for making you orgasm. Don't have any friends? First ask yourself why you're such an asshole that no one wants to be your friend, then join Facebook and complain.

Always remember: Keep your emotions away from your vagina and out of your friendships.

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