Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheers from Your Local Planned Parenthood

So last night I found an old box I had forgotten about with tons of photo albums and scrapbooks. Among all the goodness and forgotten memories I stumbled upon this note. I read it a few times and immediately realized I wrote it from the treacherous waiting room of the old Planned Parenthood that was across from the high school. I couldn't afford insurance at the time so momma had to get her birth control pills with all the other broke ass fools.

Anyways I was trying to think of who I was writing this note to, like which one of my awesome friends volunteered to come sit next to me through 3 hours of uncomfortable waiting and pap cause they deserve an award or a smoothie at least from me. Then the more I read it the more I realized....I wrote that note to myself. Like straight up 2 way conversation, not only written, but then I felt the need to scrapbook that shit. I amaze myself each day. 2004 must of been a good year for me.

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