Friday, September 10, 2010

Abortion Clinic Playlist

**ok I know some people will be offended by this but for the 16% of you who will be laughing throughout the day at how very wrong but very funny this is, it's worth it. Feel free to add tracks I left out.

Back in the saddle again-Aerosmith
There goes my baby-Usher
Cleaning out my closet-Eminem
Pop that pussy-2 Live Crew
Hit me baby one more time-Britney Spears
Nananana nananana hey hey hey goodbye-Steam
Thanks for the memories-Fall Out Boy
Because I got high-Afroman
Dirty little secret-All American Rejects
Help I’m alive-Metric
I get knocked down-Chumbawanba
Ain’t gonna tie me down-New Boys
Throw it in the bag-Fabolous

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