Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nail Designs

My friend Michelle introduced me to nail tutorials on youtube and now I can't stop. If anyone has any ideas or wants me to do their nails let me know. oh and if anyone wants to teach me korean too so I can be more authentic hit me up lol!

Blink 182 Nails

Cherry Blossom Nails

Penguin Nails

Pink Champagne

Neon Cheetah

Piggie Nails

Xmas Nails

Panda Nails

Ipod Nails

Cow Nails

Sun vs. Snow Nails

Kendra "Kapow" nails

Cookie Monster Nails

Dark Cherry Sparkles with Zebra Nails

Unicorn & Rainbow Nails

Black & Bright Colored Nails

Pink Plaid with Black Hearts

Black, Pink & Silver Plaid Nails

Spiderman Nails

Halloween Nails

Pac Man Nails

Corset Nails

Sock Monkey Nails

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Nails

B&W with Roses Nails

Denver Bronco's Nails

Spongebob Nails

Dia de los Muertos Nails

Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

Strawberry Nails

Ice Cream Cone Nails

Checkered Nails

Monkey Nails

Domino Nails

Pink with Black Lace Nails

Sleeping Bear Nails

Sweet Shop Nails

Cow Tip Nails

Birthday Nails

Watermelon Nails


80's Nails

Disco Nails

Ice Cream Cone Nails

Laker Nails




Fish Tank/Ocean

Blue Zebra

Pink Zebra

Pink Cheetah





Gold Cheetah

Vegas/Cards & Dice

Pink & Silver

Black & Silver

Same thing diff colors

Beachy Island

Pink & Black Tiger Stripes

Black Tip Stars

Valentine Harajuku

Lace Nails


  1. Wow! You really are awesome.... I especially like the Palm Trees at the beach!

  2. Can you make them look like smiley faces? That'll be kinda creepy I guess. I'll have my daughter look at these. I'll think she'll like it