Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Me & My Fancy Jessica Simpson Weave

Who doesn’t love these days? Where you go make a nice deposit in your bank acct just in the nick of time…I’m not a math whiz but I’m pretty sure I should probably utilize my online banking feature a bit more often. Thank Gosh for overdraft protection.

So I was sitting at home the other day and got a lil knock on the door. UPS…a package for me? Why not. So I accept it…after careful examination I discover while it is in fact addressed to my physical address it not addressed to my physical self….or any neighbors. So I left it there for a few hours debating my dilemma. I finally decided to investigate further, find out who it’s from and return in…..buuuut then I saw the magic words. “Beauty”. Ohh ohh pick me!!! I love products, all kinds, any kinds, kinds I don’t have, kinds I do. I just love them. Make up, hair stuff, bath stuff it doesn’t matter. So I figured since possession is like some tenths of the law then it was mine by default. So I opened it up like it was a red rider be be gun but it was….dun dun duuuuunnnn….Jessica Simpson hair extensions??? I musta signed up for dope.com cause this shit was fly. Long voluminous hair without the commitment, score! I put it on right away and whipped my head all around the house like a pony. I wore that shit out to work and told everyone the “Mane & Tail” shampoo I’m using is totally working! I dare that girl to try to come claim her hair. I would open the door and tell her I don’t know what she’s talking about, never received a package and then use my new fake real hair to anime whip the door shut.

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