Tuesday, May 25, 2010

eww I heard Myspace has Virus's, They just Dirty Like that

Sometimes I am slammed at work and don’t even have time to go to lunch, likewise, there are times when I am not so I have to reach out to the internet world. Problem is there’s only so much TMZ, Facebooking or creating Southpark avatars one can do before you get bored.

You knew this was bound to happen sooner than later…I was innocently trolling MySpace when I got a little popup that said your computer has been infected with a virus do you want to clean up or delete or whatever it said and I thought it was my fancy little antivirus service so I clicked yes…….there in lied the virus…damn you computer geeks…you win all right, we know your smart fawk! Take over Fountain Valley, take over Irvine but leave me alone.

I had to have the brokerage guys bail me out and I paid them off in candy. You know how many times I had to hear jokes about not looking at porn while I'm at work....

**On a side note please feel free to send me any time wasting websites to break up the monotony.

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