Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did u get the memo: Unfuck the Situation

Ohhh how Starbucks has no clue how much they messed with my day. Though I allowed more than enough time to get ready something happened when I went into my time warp shower today and I lost like 30 minutes so I went from being on time to better haul ass to work. Now most people in a time crisis like that involving employee might skip their morning latte but not this one. So I ran into my neighborhood starbucks and grabbed my latte and ran out. (* a lil sidenote, anyone who saw me try to just walk in my skirt today knows that the term “ran” is used loosely) So I jump on the freeway, grab for my beautiful foamy latte only to find out it is 100% SOY NOT WHAT I ORDERED!!!! There was no going back so I had all that time to drive to work and work up an inappropriate amount of seething. I know what your saying, really? You got that bent over a latte? But you don’t understand….I love my morning latte, it’s my woobie. It makes me feel safe and warm inside and now that was all taken from me….on top of that my pantyhose ran and there was just no time to stop and buy new ones so here’s my morning so far and then this………….

I’m still fairly new at my job and though I was told awhile back that “we like to use PDF’s” I forgot when I was sending a memo out yesterday to some people in our company. So instead of a PDF file they got a word file. Let me reiterate this did not go to a client or the entire company and it was just a memo on the upcoming retreat. So immediately I get an email back from my boss letting me know about my mistake. I fixed it right away and sent out the memo in the correct PDF format!!! So….tell me why this morning I had to go over it again and again with every person in my office? I felt like I was on the Office Space movie…like I didn’t get the memo about the TPS Reports!! And it was the same thing…so I hear you made an error yesterday, if there’s something you don’t understand or need training on…no I was told I just simply forgot, made a mistake, won’t happen again. Ok but if you want someone to go over it with you, if your unsure…ahhhh and on and on and on…and again……ok so then I think I’m being funny and I’m going to find a TPS memo online only the joke was on me because what is the very 1st thing that pops up??? Get your office Space TPS form in PDF form!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PDF? does that stand for Please Don’t Fuckup???

Three words…Peanut Butter Oatmeal. This seasoned genius at my place of employment turned me onto this. Cook your oatmeal as you normally would and when it’s done just throw a spoonful of peanut butter in there and let it melt and stir it all around….freakin brilliant idea for all of us Peanut Butter Lovers!!!

I heard someone tell someone else they needed to “unfuck” a situation yesterday and I thought how fantastic, now when I mess up I just need to find the unfuck button. Once we perfect the situational unfuck we can start working on how to unfuck actual people both figuratively and of course literally.


  1. I don't like this new blogspot thing anymore! It asked me for a password after I typed a long comment, and when I couldn't remember my password, it wouldn't let me go back after I reset it. So I lost everything I typed!

  2. Take 2:
    I wish I read this blog BEFORE I just ate a plain bowl of oatmeal! Peanut butter sounds great as an alternative to sugar. Carnitas cooked in lard? So much for thinking you were my healthy food idol! LOL! Two weeks ago, I gave up the vanilla in my morning latte to eliminate the sugar. Then I found I didn't like the espresso very much without it. So this week, I gave up the latte completely. Bottled water and warm green tea were an okay substitute. I'll probably have a vanilla latte again soon, but every day gets to be a bad habit. ;)